Wednesday, 30 April 2008


73rd and last post for April - my record month, and indeed 25.73% of my entire six month Blog total has been this month, and I was off line for the first few days of April!

So what do we know about 73?


It is the 21st prime number
It is an 'I' road in North Carolina
BOBW Pt II is TNG Episode 73 and what a belter!
1973 total fox Miss Forrest joins Upstairs D'
James brown lived to 73
Hadrian's Wall 73 miles end to end
'Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart' Psalm 73
Ford Maddox Ford born 1873
Larry Page, half of Google and kinda providing this Blog space born 1973!

Seeya in May!

BS5 :)


Suburbia said...

Happy 73rd :)

BS5 Blogger said...




Anonymous said...

Congrats and goodnight. I'm just off work and getting ready to go out!

Amanda Arlene said...

Nice research done on '73! I'm quite enjoying your blogging, so hopefully you'll double that in May and it'll be 146. Although that wouldn't have quite the same ring to it to blog about.

Oh well, neither here nor there.

PS. I'm jealous that my sister seems to have gotten all the Super Powers. I think I was gypped!

Have a good night.

scargosun said...

It's a very interesting number. Here's to the next 73!

Suburbia said...

Good morning! I didn't write much last night , too tired and trying to understand Google Talk thingy!

However I just wanted to say your 73 have been fab! Full of laughter and I haven't been the same since I found your sock back in March!

Reading yours is often the first smile of the morning and the last before bed. I begin and end my day with you! Still addicted
Sub x

BS5 Blogger said...


And for me!

You often post after I have turned in so when I am on line at 6am ,your yesterday is frequently my this morning. I love your posts too!