Sunday, 20 April 2008


The chap delivering an Aston Martin to the film location for the next Jimmy B movie crashed the car into a lake on the way. (He was okay).

Here it is being winched out. The BBC says it is the only one they had.

Maybe I can lend Jimmy B VX52 (my Mercedes)? Bit of a downgrade from an Aston but not too shabby. Of course if I deliver it in person they might sign me up as stunt double and what would my Operations Director have to say about that on Monday morning? Jimmy B, cool as he is doesn't seem an avid car cleaner either. I think I will leave VX52 in BS5.

I am quite excited about Joe Calzaghe winning in LA!

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Suburbia said...

Another Joe post! You are clearly over excited today and should calm down!!
Getting up much too early I think!

I have left a message for you re Liz. I pressed the wrong thing and lost some of my comments this am. and am now very sad.