Saturday, 19 April 2008

Dining for one.

Rump steak with broccoli, chips and peppercorn sauce. This and a bottle of St Emillion - dinner for one and pretty much a perfect evening!

Stoke beat Bristol but hey-ho.

Going to listen to a bit of Rolling Stones whilst cooking. Might sing in the kitchen too.

An idle evening follows, possibly with a movie, but more likely a bath.

Larks aplenty and an agneda of one.

Sometimes the single life is bliss.


Suburbia said...

Sounds good to me.
I like the Stones but they look so odd now!!
It was Bruce Springsteins latest album, 'MAGIC' here. Though, for a night in the Kitchen by myself, I'd choose U2 'How to dismantle the atomic bomb'
Quite topical don't you think?!!!

Suburbia said...

Not odd I meant old!

BS5 Blogger said...

U2 line made me laugh! Dark humour indeed. Hee hee.

Yes the Stones all look old and craggy except for Charlie Watts who looks pretty good as he ages. Like Cary Grant really!