Saturday, 9 March 2013

A BS5 Saturday

Today I have been at my house here in BS5.

BS5 has had a fair bit of traffic these last weeks, with a pal staying two weeks and more nights here myself.

This morning I woke at ten to six to enjoy not going to work. I had a ruthless empty of my loft - stuff that has been up there for ages and from former BSFivers, each of whom had left the odd box of old crap. Out it went! I then used the space to tidy away stuff from the rest of the house that has just worked its way into inappropriate places. I shifted two old beds, an old stereo, old PC speakers, loads of old shoes, a tyre, a bicycle wheel, old suitcases, cardboard boxes and some stuff I didn't even know was there.

Some order restored and my lounge can now be lounged in for the good of all, and every box in the loft can be seen and accounted for. Happy chap here :-)

I've indulged in a new bin too.