Monday, 21 April 2008

Zeds to go, please. I am tall and tired.

I woke at three a.m and just stayed up really. Work was quite a struggle by mid afternoon. Making dinner now (I say 'making' loosely) and then heading for an early night. I'm even going to miss the Gadget Show which I quite like on a Monday night. I will be a tall asleep person by about 9, I think.

Top snoozing to follow. I really should be more responsible at the weekend. Maybe it will kick in when I hit 36 in a couple of weeks.

I had a really fine email from my Vicar tonight and she is a great down to earth sort of a woman with a fine sense of thought and humour. And she killed her printer in a wine spilling related incident which I think is very cool!

My brother flies Heathrow - Hong Kong tonight and then on to Manila in a day or two where he is off to live. Go safe, my brother!

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