Wednesday, 9 April 2008

She's definitely back! :-)

Eight emails tonight, and they were all comments on BS5 (which I am about to read). Guessing my friend Suburbia is back from hols then! Welcome home, Domestic Bloggess!! :)


Suburbia said...

Thanks. I was wondering what D.G stood for.
Your word verification tonight has the word bum in it. should I complain?!

Suburbia said...

Good evening! Larking about aside for one minute, I was just calling to see how your important day went. Hope all is well and that the 1:1 with your boss delivered.

BS5 Blogger said...

Why thank you! My boss invited me to stay a further 3 months by which time we will reach half way in the financial year; budgets can then be 'tweaked' with the hope of costing me in as a pemanent fixture, hopefully in the role of Group Operations Manager for our stores. Hurrah!