Saturday, 19 April 2008

Through the letterbox

Here's a list of all the things I could have done, had I taken advantage of all the exciting offers that were foisted upon me in fliers received through the letterbox this week. This is a scourge of suburban life!I have chucked them all out now as I seem to have hit upon a wave of house cleaning.

I could have:

Let my house
Sold my house
Had double glazing
Had general repairs
Taken 4 taxis
Enjoyed a range of BOGOF offers at Somerfield
Eaten a Kebab, an Indian, a Chinese and a Mexican
Had something called Reiki (is that food?)
Learned Introductory French
Learned how to use a Digital Camera
Taken a well-woman class on breasts (Weyhey! have signed up for that one)

The only real post I got was my phone bill, my TV bill and my bank statement. They all remain unopened.


Suburbia said...

I think the well women might be a little suspicious!

Was that a date with BS4? Do tell!!

BS5 Blogger said...

You don't miss much! I dated BS4 last year and had just missed her a bit last week. I was curios as to whether she was happy and well, hence the platonic drink - it will take place a week later than planned.

Good day near Bath? :-)

Suburbia said...

About to post re Bath.
Platonic or about to rekindle?!!!(missed her a bit?)

Suburbia said...

Sorry that's really rude and nosey of me.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello! Not rude or nosey at all; don't worry. It won't rekindle though she was very pretty and had an attractive mind too. Nice woman altogether.

Sainsbury's went for a different strategy this week; just a handful of attractive shoppers but all right up there. I ventured a 'hello' to one such fine shopper after she nearly drove her trolley in to me next to the eggs. I bought eggs but didn't need them (which kinda' makes me a right tart)