Monday, 14 April 2008


I am slightly miffed that 'Prayer for the Day' at 5.45am on R4 has gone multicultural, well at least today anyhow. I'm all for a wealth of faith based beliefs and I really like the mix very much because they are all doors to one room (a creed not often espoused where I go to church).

The line today on the Sikh faith was all well and good but 'Thought for the Day' on R4 at 7.47 deals with this very well and there is a look in for Jews, Sikhs, Christians, Muslims et al in this slot (Clifford Longley was late but good today, and Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sachs (pictured) is always, always, always inspirational).

Prayer for the day is a good start at 5.45 and it is Christian and harmless. I am not getting all Daily Mail on this point because I am not a total cu*t and I have a mind, but where there is room for all faiths elsewhere in R4's morning and in life, a consistent message about Christianity is where 'Prayer for the Day' shone. It is a loss if that now serves all faiths rather than having the decent pride to stand up for its purpose and wear it proudly. I am sure other faiths did not resent PFTD and respected its innocuous service to those who enjoy but no doubt some tosser at the Beeb has to be right-on whilst not wearing a tie. I might be wrong but I will listen tomorrow and see what gives.


Suburbia said...

That really got your goat didn't it? Never 'seen' you so upset!

I think you're just showing off about how early you get up really!

Seriously though R4 is the only choice for me, but my listening starts about 7pm

Suburbia said...

I meant 7am actually. Athough I am a closet Archers fan!

BS5 Blogger said...

I reckon Ruth ('Ohhhh nooo') is probably a good sort, despite her wobble towards infidelity last year!

Suburbia said...

You listen too huh?!