Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Space Toast!

And there I was suggesting it was a slow morning.

While I was showering I think my toaster must have been on line looking at Nasa. I popped my bread in the the toaster a few minutes ago and turned around to do the usual morning things. Anyhow a minute or two later and KERRRR-POOW! I turned around to see two pieces of toast hurtling skywards! This was very exciting and I shouted out 'cool! ' ! I ate the first two and put two more in to see if it would happen again. 35 years old and transfixed actually watching a toaster make toast. Alas the second round was far less spectacular and just sort of popped up, not even challenging the escape-velocity of the earth; maybe the toaster was self conscious on being watched.

I am worried about other appliances following the toaster's lead. What happens when I next make a cup of tea, for instance?


Anonymous said...

I love freaky kitchen gadgets. I could use it as part of the show when I entertain my guests. All two of them.

This is so exciting to have a transcontinental blogger. I'll have to make sure to eliminate all my slang, although I don't know what some of them are, and even as I write this I'm editing and rewriting.

No special powers used today yet. But I did have to use my X-ray vision and a rather handsome guy yesterday. No, just to check out his chest, silly. And I had to use mind control on a particularly rude driver who was intent of cutting me off.

Wisconsin is six hours from London and you had written while it was yet 3:30 pm over here.

Thanks for the reference to Suburbia, I've been investigating and enjoying her blog too!

Have a great rest of the afternoon (it's still only 7:45 am here).

The rockin' redhead with superpowers

scargosun said...

ohhh! I just have a toaster 'oven' no popping does beep when toast is done though. Like you, I think I woul dhave toasted a few more pieces just to see it happen again. You need to have your camera phone ready or maybe video for it so those of us with toaster ovens can partake. :)

Suburbia said...

Hope you had a good day?
We have a Dualit toaster, who is very boring (but beautiful!) and does nothing but tick. If you can get enough purchase on the lever at the bottom, you can get the toast to 'hop' but never a full rocket sky launch sort of thing.
When we were away recently, the toaster in the cottage had the same magical powers as yours. SS ordered toast for every meal!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Sub'! Small Sprog is definitely a sound little chap - he has it all planned out!

just in the house folks, and off to prep dinner so I can listen to Liverpool Chelsea unhindered later. Don't have the pre-pay channel on the TV and don't fancy the pub so I will listen on line and blog after 7.45, and whizz around all the new Blogs I am reading in addition to the ever cool MFS.

Alaina - great comment - don't drop the slang. Half the fun of an international plan is deciphering the lingo!

Scargosun, I am having issues picturing your toasting device. It is nice to hear a woman say she would have put a few more pieces of bread in too - I thought I might get a 'men are simply entertained' sort of a response (I mean we are but hey, what's a chap gonna do?)

BS5 Blogger said...


Forgot to say how much I laughed at your super power usage today!

All go here: green peppers ('bell' to to you?)chopped, likewise chillies, onions, ginger, garlic and broccoli. A great curry follows with some nice chicken and all the chopped things above. A few tomatoes and a bit of coriander , cumin and whatever else is about thrown in too. Yum!

scargosun said...

Think oven but about 1/8 the size and you've got a toaster oven.

I think P is 'working from home' today so he can watch the Chelsea Liverpool match. We have a channel we can get it on here. Just had to buy the 'sports' package.

My HS was not unlike what you see, building-wise but I went to a Catholic school so we had uniforms. Our library was not as nice as the one in The Breakfast Club but the lockers were exactly the same.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hiya! School uniform for me too!


Anonymous said...

I saw the pic Scargosun posted of the toaster oven. That's what I have too.. completely convenient for those smaller warm ups so I don't have to use the power of the 'mighty' oven.

I'm going to live to be 103... just to say I LSD made him die a year sooner.

I'll make sure to continue to use slang, just make sure you point something out that is either rip roaringly funny... or completely rude... which would be funny too.

Super Power Usage Today:
* Elasticity to get that stupid paperclip that fell into my keyboard out.
* Super strength to get a jar lid on really tight just so I could ask the cute guy to open it for me.

BS5 Blogger said...

Oooooh great use of skills, Alaina! Well done!

Did the chap open the jar? Did you chat him up as he struggled? What happened? What was in the jar? How cute was he on a scale of 1-10?

Stamford Bridge is in a right old two and eight as I type! Wonder if that means anything to you?

I am bemused by my new toasting device.

Anonymous said...

Did the chap open the jar? Of course he did!

Did you chat him up as he struggled? I blinked beguilingly at him while oohing and ahhing at his strength and manliness... and he tried not to curse at the jar.

What happened? He walked away owning the world. Or at least a corner of it since I had to promise to call him whenever I needed something else opened. Hm

What was in the jar? Peaches of course!

How cute was he on a scale of 1-10? Oh about an 8.5

Stamford Bridge is in a right old two and eight as I type! Wonder if that means anything to you? --- what on earth does this mean? Isn't that a football stadium? (I admit I googled)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Super-hero,

Yes you are about there - Chelsea play at Stamford Bridge and they are hosting Liverpool now in a European Semi Final, watched live in the US by husband of Scargosun.

This is football. As in football, not what you chaps curiously call Soccer whilst playing your 'football' mainly with your hands.

A '2 and 8 means' a right old state' :)

Chelsea just put Liverpool beyond it.

Have you now eaten the peaches or did said chap depart with them (and his dignity?)


scargosun said...

I just checked out the score. My boss and P not going to be happy.

Anonymous said...

Peaches consumed by me. I didn't like him enough to share. It was just a "passing though the coffee room thing". I will look back on my moments with him with fondness in my old age.