Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Queen

Today I am working in Cardiff , in one of my outfit's Regional Offices. This is pretty normal SOP and was in every way a routine Thursday.

I took the train from BS5 to Cardiff and left the railway station as normal. On emerging into the Welsh air a large crowd was abundantly obvious along with lots of Rozzers, plenty of Range Rovers and a stretch Bentley. I asked a policeman what was going on and he informed me that The Queen was due ! I was very content to wait about and have a bit of a cheer and an atmospheric moment.

Twenty minutes later , Ladies in Waiting emerged along with various civil holders of office, and then The Queen herself. And some double hard looking security types. The crowd cheered and I joined in. HM worked the crowd and said hello to school children. She passed right in front of me waving and beaming.

Here is my picture of the moment.

I had not seen HM before ( not officially, or in circumstances I could divulge mind you), so it really was quite cool!

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Courtesy roller skate

VX52 is at the garage, or if you are reading in America, 'in the shop'.

About a year ago someone drove through BS5 dropping kids off in a minibus. The driver hit my car and damaged the wing and took off the minibus bumper in the process. I was away at work but two neighbours took the number plate and gave statements to my insurance firm. The minibus company flatly denied it and the claim stopped dead. I was a bit hacked off. Many months later, my insurance firm surprised me by saying they would waive my excess and just pick up the repair.

So VX52 is in the shop and I even have a courtesy car for the duration. It's quite fun, just a bit bigger than me, loud and unsubtle, but hey I'm not averse to a free car.

Doughnuts at the local car park and a bit of a burn around BS5 . That's my plan.