Monday, 14 April 2008

BS5 in Space!

Having spent two hours on Saturday cleaning and polishing VX52 to make him the shiniest Mercedes in England, I am giving him a rest today and going to work in this spaceship which I won in a raffle in The Rhubarb Tavern yesterday. Not bad for a quid.

At work (once I have landed) I need to write a presentation to give to Directors and Store Mangers tomorrow about Supply Chain progress and general Retail Operations, and then I have to do a piece on Thursday about recruitment.

I wonder how many Nectar points I can get for fueling a Spaceship at Sainsbury's.


Suburbia said...

Great pic. What did you do with the other £49!! Shouldn't ask I suppose

Liz said...

I didn't think you looked like that.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Liz - not sure what you thought I did look like but this pic is me in L.A 2 years ago and the goatee was a holiday thing only. A bit more grey hair now but still six four and skinny, and just to lob in controversy, I have been the same weight give or take a pound since I was 19, some 17 years ago.