Tuesday, 15 April 2008

On Parade

We were on parade for 6.15 pm for Cas and Spence's post Wexford debrief last night. Much foolishness and drink involved and Cas thought Spence had carked it on the train there as he was deep, deep, deep in sleep! Word is that Seamus was in the dog house with Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh, and that the Butler house has no hot water because the lad has moved the boiler into the garage in some preposterous and unlikely money saving gamble for his extension. Must get over there v.soon and catch the man for a few pints in The Clever Salmon.


Suburbia said...

You've been tagged. There's a meme over at my place for you. Hope you don't mind. You can cut and paste it to yours and fill in your answers. Sorry!

Liz said...

I hope this post made sense to someone.