Saturday, 4 July 2015

Try, try and Triathlon again...

A month or so back I started my working week late on Sunday, staying with my SiL and brother in Buckinghamshire. Doing this puts me in early morning proximity of my head office which is 125 miles from my house ordinarily.

Given that we were all together on Sunday we took advantage of London proximity and watched the World Series Triathlon at Hyde Park. The British Brownlee brothers absolutely nailed it and the crowd went bonkers! A completely happy Sunday of shouting and larks.

The Fifteen

A year and a little while ago,  my (now) sister in law married my brother. It really was a terrific day with the family better off for the outcome!

This weekend we all came together to celebrate the event and to just be together as a family across the generations.

We had all been together in January for Ma and Pa's fiftieth wedding anniversary and at that bash we all agreed how pleasant it would be to come together in the summer, just for the sake of it.

This we did, and we did it well after a minor role by yours truly as social secretary. We should have been seventeen but alas, we were two down a couple of days out. We  arrived in Goodrich across last Friday and Saturday and there was much delight, running around the garden, swapping stories, raising glasses and eating mightily. The weather was perfect!