Wednesday, 24 March 2010

992 and Forty!

This is my 992nd post and it is all about 40!

Two years ago last week my elder brother turned 40 and today it is the turn of my middle brother to do the same.

He is forty today and now I am the only sub-unit in the thirties!

Anyhow, my brother who often comments here is the big old four-oh today and I suspect he will light a fire and look into it for a spiritual message from Khaless himself. He knows where to look, but BS7 reckons she can see Khaless in the viewing window of my bread maker. She is a wise woman mind you, so who knows?

Happy birthday, brother and see you at the end of the week for a Warrior's present!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Giant man!

Tonight I am with delightful BS7 (as she now is) and we are having
some time away in the English county of Shropshire.

We are in a very civilsed B and B but as it was a work day for us
both, after we arrived we went to the pub and then sat and had fish
and chips in a village chippy!

Anyhow, this well run and intensley neat establishment is jolly old;
the bathroom door would trouble a man even half my height!

A Saturday exploring Ludlow follows after a much looked forward to
early night.


My brother passed through London yesterday on his way back over here
from Hong Kong (Phooey).

Whilst in London he spotted this floating lorry and sent a pic' along.

Maybe it was lifting itself of the ground with its crane?

Thursday, 18 March 2010

And the crowd said Fuck!

At Birmingham for the 16.33 home. Got a fine seat too. Five minutes
and the train doesn't move. Ten minutes and an announcement that the
crew is not on board. Fifteen minutes and train abruptly cancelled.
Announcer said 'all change!' carriage kinda said 'fuck!' all at once
and together.

Alternative service in a handful of minutes for a train that will call
at Cheltenham on the way home and thus be full of pissed up racegoers
for the last bit.

Enough of a delay to buy 4 cold beers so hey-ho, really!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Warp Factor 9.1.

Man my home Internet was steaming along today!

American gifting.

My blog pal Alaina mailed a gift my way this week!

Way back when, Alaina blogged a post about making a gift for some of
her readers, and I was one such reader.

Made by her own fair hand, here are some knitted dish cloths as she
called them. I think I'll use one as a teapot stand and the others to
stand vases on.

It was nice to have a hand written letter there in the package.

Thank you, Alaina :-)

Friday, 12 March 2010


Today I helped BS9 move house and as of about three hours ago BS9 is
now BS7.

Any change in postcode references in this blog are thus explained and
not a sign of any duplicitousness!

I shifted a few boxes today and made myself generally useful.

Here is VX52 from the top floor of BS7's new house. He looks kinda
cool and symmetrical.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Wash it out of the body!

I have endured my first day's sickness in 11 months and 10 days in
this job.

I made a chilli the other night. Chilli normally gives me a touch of
indigestion but this time, 12 hours after eating it I had really sharp
stomach cramps and a headache and I felt really drained and shivery. I
took to the sofa for the day and BS9 who is packing up to move house
came to see me in the evening. I made her some chilli too and she just
horsed it down with no apparent impact. She's really great!

To bed at ten feeling pretty whacked. I woke at half one with my body
saying 'get up NOW or you'll really need the washing machine'. To the
loo in double fast time and it all washed right out of me. Eeeeewwww!

Feel better today but will take it gently.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Whilst this might look like me taking my vacuum cleaner out for a
drive, it is in fact me driving it over to BS9's new house where she
is going to borrow it for a few days.

I helped her move a load of stuff this weekend and 'Mike', my Dyson
went along too.

'Vaaaaaaaaaaaaaan', as a recent acquaintance of mine said several
times during the day.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Long old day.

Long old day today.

BS9 stayed over last night and I cooked dinner for her.

We woke at 5.15 and it was my turn to make morning tea, which I gladly

Up and out of the house in good order, and with the bonus of a lift, I
was at Temple Meads for a touch before seven. Caught the 07.30
Edinburgh train and stayed on until Derby, then a local rattler to
Matlock. From there to my store and a useful day prepping for the year
end stocktake.

It's after 8pm now and I'm on the train home which is an Edinburgh
Plymouth service. I am riding from Derby to Bristol.

Home soon where the plan is a glass of wine, a bath and News Hour on
the World Service.



Here's the scorecard from my third go on a really smart new Iphone App
I have found. It is free and you play at being Godzilla, stomping
cities that increase in complexity as you progress. It's full of sim-
city like graphics from back in the day (so check it out, Wavey).

It's called fingerzilla if you too want to lower your job productivity!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Mature blog post.

On an iPhone when you download 'Apps' you see icons on screen to fire
them up. The icon is indicative of the product so Wikipedia has a 'W'.

This got me thinking. If I lined up my icons for the Telegraph , the
NY Times and Wikipedia, then I could combine them and use the pre-
loaded icon for the App store to spell out Twat right there on screen!

Come on!

I'm going to try some more incidental App store swearing during the

I'm onto something here .