Sunday, 27 April 2008


I took a wander into Bristol on Saturday which I had not done for a week or three. One hint of the current bun and it was a sea of floral print dresses across the city. Inevitably I stopped for a pint (The Shakespeare, Princes St, just down from Jury's hotel) with a pal and we just watched the world go past. It was rather a sight.

Walking into town I went through the Lawrence Hill underpass. It no longer smells of wee and Special Brew and has been painted. Check out this mural!

The other pic is yours truly and Steve reflected in the large shiny sphere near the Imax theatre.


Suburbia said...

Very arty this morning.

Husband likes the warm weather and mutters about short skirts and breezes on Park Street!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Fair shout!


Good morning to you!

Suburbia said...

Shame about the rain :(