Tuesday, 29 April 2008


I often think of Americans when I am putting fuel into VX52 - I read in the press this weekend that the Americans have had a recent price hike in fuel and pay maybe $2 a gallon of late. Our gallons are different but over here it's as steep as Everest.

I filled my car at the weekend - 60 litres (15 gallons) cost me seventy pounds or 140 dollars. A refinery strike in Scotland this week so that price will hike more by Wednesday for reasons entirely removed from supply. That's the irritating bit! Okay I get 600 miles from a tank but it's costing more by the week. At least I am only driving 14 miles to work these days, not 72.

On a more mundane front I have had a top night's kip and am ready for a blissfully quiet day in the office to polish a presentation ready for a stand up speaking part tomorrow. All manner of exciting things to discuss but I have put a star wars reference into my talk. The audience are all women and I am not confident they will either spot it or get it if they do.


Suburbia said...

Ering on the sexist comment at the end there BS5!!! Anyway, what are you doing reading this at work? Sciver!

Anonymous said...

Yes, us girls don't fully understand Star Wars. Nor do we understand the male fascination with it.

And in response to your question... I hail from Wisconsin, USA.

And... my special powers at night... well, you wouldn't believe me if I told you.

scargosun said...

We are paying $3.76/gallon now as of yesterday. I know b/c I had to fill my tank. Grrr. It is insane.