Friday, 27 November 2015


Today was my first full day in Berlin, having flown in last night with Jemma. A few weeks ago we picked this weekend as a relaxer for her after managing a project these last few weeks that concluded in a Charity Ball just a few days ago.The days to Berlin came around fast and they were suddenly here. 

We hoofed it out of Bristol for a 2 hour zoom to Germany. A late check in at The Dude Hotel in Mitte and then into the full throes of the tourist today. We are well travelled between us but with neither of us having visited Berlin, it was an unashamed tourist checklist. 

We took in  the East Side Gallery, the Berlin Fernsehtrum, The Berliner Dom, the Metro and The Brandenburg Gate. A solid 10 mile day on foot! Here are some pics before we put in another full one tomorrow. Happy travellers indeed. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Bassett walk!

Last weekend I attended a much anticipated walking event with Jemma.  A walk in the Mendips with the Basset Hound Walkers group of the south west.

Some background first,  though: Jemma's fine hound Boris is a Bassador, that is a hound who is 50% labrador and 50% Bassett. On  acquiring a hound, Jemma did not want to go full on Bassett and thus the ad' she saw for a halfway house appealed. The result is Boris, a hound of distinction and good training - training I  make all efforts to corrupt through embracing Boris' inner-goon and developing it with him.

Boris was cordially accepted on the walk as were we, and a happy six miles followed wth a most welcome pint half way through. Here's some pics which are a bit fuzzy as my phone seems to be out of focus these days.