Saturday, 26 April 2014

A sense of self astonishment.

Today with the guidance and help of my wise pal Les, I have taken a significant role in an actual mechanical task!

I am not mechanically minded. I can speak and write with passing fluency but anything mechanical certainly pushes the envelope.

Today I assisted in changing the oil and the oil filter on VX52! I used the socket set and the ratchet to help undo stuff and I asked plenty of questions, keen to find things out. We drained the old oil after undoing the sump, we took out the old filter, even undoing some hoses to gain access, and then we topped the oil back up and the coolant. I reversed VX52 off the ramps, and the task was complete. I really was assistant only as I didn't have a clue. A gentle drive around the block to look for any warming lights, and a further test drive tomorrow just to ensure the oil level is sufficient. I am quite pleased I had a go!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Monday

I am at my parents' house where I have enjoyed a fabulous weekend in happy company . We ate with my parents' terrific neighbours for a Sunday lamb-fest (the lamb coming from the source mentioned a couple of posts down) and had a small snooze afterwards and then evening sandwiches and a glass of wine. Near perfection for a weekend of leisure.

I woke at about 06.00 today, revelling in not going to work. These are some pictures from a 07.00 stroll to the churchyard nearby.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Bridge on the River Wye.

It is Easter weekend and having arrived here in Herefordshire on Good Friday, my brother and I made the most of the sunshine today. 

We put the roof rack bars on the car and then up ended the canoe onto them. Into Ross on Wye where Our pal Les dropped us off at the water.

Getting back into the water was like putting on a familiar old jacket; the skills, the training and the flashbacks kicked in from many a covert marine infiltration. We were on the water like naturals. Stealthy, covert, deadly.

Or in reality, criss crossing the river like a clueless pair of Eejits. Far too tall and high for the canoe and as stable as a giraffe on a a unicycle. I was at the back on rudder paddle detail but we pulled in after 500 yards to swap. My brother was excellent on the steering so I just provided the forward motion. We had a right lark and paddled for two hours. Great fun! 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Days off!

Last night I  got in from work at about 9.25pm. Sometimes, having stores so far from home is a pain in the bum, especially when I miss a train connection coming home. Nearly six hours to get back last night!

That said, I really was in a spectacular location, working my days as an Area Manager in Retail. The store I visited is up, up, up and up. This is South Stack lighthouse on Anglesey. My store is 200 yards behind this image.

I am home now, it is Friday morning, my work laptop is off and the day is my own.

Is it wrong to have bounced out of bed early to enjoy not having to get up?


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mountain flower goose 5

This week I have been fortunate in work visits. Nature reserves are my office, and most of my stores are on nature reserves.  It is all too rare that I leave the retail environment but this week I have made the effort. These pics are from RSPB Conwy in North Wales. I like the gooseys in particular. 

The cracking 5 series Beemer was incidental and near the railway station!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lamb, bam thank you ma'am

I am at my parents' house this Sunday and I have pottered over here with my brother.

When we got here, we arrived to see a whole lamb prepared and ready for the freezer. Including offal! This little chap came from a farm just near here , where I suspect it had space, grass, fields and freedom. The lamb was purchased half and half between my folks and their terrific neighbours. I like the idea of bulk purchase and neighbourly sharing. It is a lovely thing.

So, check out the costs: lamb chops from Sainsbury, £6, whole wee-sheep £90!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

A decade of BS5 home-owning

In happier news than the post below, I have been in my house for ten years this week (it was a decade on Thursday).

This is Clarke who lives with me and will be familiar to you if you have visited before.

Here are ten things that cover ten years:

1 A missed game of poker with good people on moving in day (sorry Walshy)
2 The Seamus Butler whirlwind
3 Rooming with various BS5ers (Bag, Lummox (RIP dude)  and even my strange mate Tony who asked me if his mate could move in on his release from prison...for murder)
4 Wheeling a piano down the street while a pal played it
5 Fast response to decorating
6 Many hours just chillin' on the wall
7 Joy & potential in making second breakfasts for Suburbia
8 Walshy sent round to mine for a dump because someone was coming to view his house
9 Fessing up to my thing for trains
10 Noisy neighbours for about 7 years of the 10!

Frankie Knuckles.

Really sad to hear of the passing of Frankie Knuckles this week. Some fine tunes came from this excellent house music producer.  Hit you tube and check out Your Love. Gone at 59 from Type II diabetes.