Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Glass of 2004

A happy and a sad tale tonight! This is the last glass of 4 from 2004 that I bought on acquiring my house. The glass is a simple and nicely weighted one, and of the 4 I bought on moving in (4 years ago in 4 weeks), I broke the last one tonight. I am not sure I actually broke all three of the others though I suspect I was not far away when it happened. Walshy and Seamus may have broken some of the others, and I hope it was them because that way it doesn't matter ; they would have been in the use of good people at the time.

Anyhow, I chinked this one tonight and have reverted to an alternative set. Maybe not having my favourite glass to hand will mean I will stop drinking wine on school nights. And maybe I'll land a sixty grand job during the week too!

I wonder how many bottles of wine were sunk in this house via this glass? It has gone to the other side now with its own little plinth and and a place in glass-o-khor and everything! (A pretty limited readership will clock that sentiment)

Sat Nav Routing

This was me in my gaffer's Mercedes on the way to our store near Wolverhampton yesterday, and closer to Bridgnorth, in fact. I enjoyed driving her car very much and the Sat Nav, which is integrated was very good indeed and a total hoot. It is totally spaz proof and I liked it. I had a good day and felt competent, confident and assured in my work, which in fact, I was; thus it was a bit of a shock when on driving home in this mood, the Sat Nav took me past lovely BS4's parents' house, which I had not driven past since spending a weekend there with BS4, and definitely not since we stopped dating. It took the edge of my day and evening, but with credit to her we exchanged opinions about all that these last 24 and it's - well it's something positive but I don't quite know what.

Unbelievably full and busy at work on getting back to the office today and enjoyed it totally but want to be doing it on a permanent basis and on a deal that's as advantageous to me as it is to them! Presenting to a group of managers tomorrow about this and that, and it's all full of potential that I want to enjoy for all of 2008, not just to the end of April or May.

As much as a hoot as Carol's Mercedes is, I still enjoyed driving mine home the more! Really must clean it well on Saturday - it is the least I can do for its semper fidelis mileage!

Monday, 25 February 2008

The Midlands.

This is my gaffer's Merc' which I have had for the weekend and am shortly to use for a day in the Midlands. It's the same model as mine but with a much sportier finish and a full on Sat Nav thingy built in. I felt compelled to clean this car yesterday and I also drove it to Kwik Fit for two new tyres on Saturday, neither of which I had to pay for. Unfortunately I have to give it back mid week and can't use it to drive to Huntingdon on Friday.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

More Mercedes shockers!

Friday was a bit of a smart (larking) day for work! I had an appointment at 9.00 just near Cribbs Causeway; always smart to have stuff going on out of the office. Dropped my mate Steve at work and pottered off to my appointment. On the way I called in again at the Merc' dealership. It was about 8.10 and they really had not got their act together- a crap start to their day. After ten minutes someone asked me if I was okay - I asked them for the price of the mirror for my passenger side (glass only). Some fella told me they had three in and I asked him the cost....FIFTY SEVEN QUID plus VAT! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarkin' 'ell, Jon! I asked him if it was French antique mirror and he said no. The humourless Jerries!

Anyhow, I took this photo for free - this is the 60 grand CLS Class I had a look at last weekend. I'll go to Halfords for my mirror.

Rest of the day was top - met a very foxy recruitment woman in town, then grabbed breakfast then went back to the office and promptly to the pub for 2 pints of Guinness. Ideal!

To the Rhubarb at the end of the day and went on the Karaoke with Spence. We sang Bohemian Rhapsody - it wasn't pretty.

I have my boss's Merc for a few days (she is in Havana) - same model as my car, maybe I should liberate the mirror?

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


It's all beardy types in the news and in the world of BS5 this Tuesday lunchtime.

Firstly Dickie Branson wrote to me to say 'Rich, we are upgrading your broadband from 4 meg a sec to 10 meg a sec next month, no catch, no cost, no conditions'. Thank you Dickie. No doubt he had time on his hands to write letters, now that he doesn't need to prepare for ownership of Northern Rock.

On the world stage Old Man Castro has jacked in. Fair enough. Within hours George Bush has showed his infinite capacity for being a twat with his quote, "Eventually this transition ought to lead to free and fair elections, and I mean free and I mean fair, not these kind of staged elections that the Castro brothers try to foist off as being true democracy," he said."And we're going to help."

George, you're a dick. Mr Castro was there for you and a string of your predecessors and you couldn't shift him! If JFK and Ronnie couldn't achieve it, there's no way you have any clout! Only 239 days until thr US votes for the next President. Thank goodness.

All I need now is the A B of C to call me up for my thoughts on Sharia law and it's a facial hair hat trick.

I'd rather be in Hawaii

It's a bit parky here in BS5 this morning. Ice on the car and the usual signs of the cold. Getting out of bed was not the easiest task in the world and I could have happily snoozed on for ages.

2 more states are having their day in the sun in the USA today (Hawaii and Wisconsin)and I hope Barack O' continues to edge Billary.

A top smart chat with my brother yesterday; we had not had a natter for a few days so it was very good to catch up - he is tangibly excited about his imminent holiday!

Off to work now for a day trying to price up shelf edging for our stores. Top laugh.

My friend Walshy has been given Medal of Honour Airborne for his birthday (a decent WW2 game)and I think he should install it and lose a couple of days' work larking about shooting Jerry!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mercedes Ruehls

I have had quite a smart Saturday! I had a lie in until a mega idle 8.55, but then we had been out for a curry last night to celebrate Trevor's 60th.

The Rhubarb circle now has the age spread of 20s (Spence), 30s (me), 40s (Stevie Hopes), 50s (Cas) and 60s (Trev'). Trev was 60 in the week so a curry on King St was in order and very fine it was too.

Woke at 9 and went for a run - cold and frosty but ran twice the usual distance. Off to Cribbs Causeway after that to replace my favourite jeans which went MIA last year and are now at the bottom of a canal in Wiltshire. Called into the Mercedes dealer to try to replace the glass for my wing mirror but was met with a polite and useless 'Oh that's Parts, Sir, could you call in during the week?'. Given that they are Jerries you'd have thought a paper list of commonly sold items & prices might be on hand, but alas no such luck.

I sat in the back of an S Class (pictured) and it was HUGE. Very cool and tons of legroom. You can see me in the rear view mirror looking about 59 grand short on the 59,125 price tag. Also sat in a CLS Merc' (62 large! - feck!) and chanced my arm and asked for a brochure. The brochure was a hard back book, and that is probably indicative of the price!

Off to The Rhubarb later, and rarely for me, it is owing to a game of football. Arsenal - Man U in the FA Cup today - should be smart. A couple of pints and then I am going to cook something fine and take a glass or two of wine.

I think it is Walshy's birthday today so must call him too. Tenner says his weekend will feature a hangover.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Gotta call a man about a possible job in Jersey today!

No drama for Valentine's day but the I did get a bank statement through the letter box.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Oh! I have just worked out it's St. Valentine's Day.

Let's see how this annual caper runs!


Had my 1:1 with my boss yesterday who suggested she might need to extend my contract as the work I am now into (and doing very well, she said) would probably last beyond the original 6 month gig. Smart! She is off to Cuba for two weeks so we shall have to see what happens on her return, and how long the extension might be.

Nice to be given a free hand and broad latitude to visit stores and suppliers as I see fit and to make company wide recommendations and to allocate budget where it seems fit. I'd definitely sign on if my gaffer made it permanent, but I'd want to sit on the other side of the office; nothing wrong with the blokes I share a 4-way desk with but the other side is much more attractive!

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Top Pic from Jack.

Jack sent me this top pic' which is the view from his window of our local and the edge of BS5 pushing into BS4. If you click on it, it should open full size.

Cheers, Jack!

A bit of a fuss.

Much fuss about Camden Market having a good old burn. No one is dead and that's good but YAWN! Man that's a dull story. I went to Camden Lock a good few times and it was okay but it was rather inclined towards Guardian reading latte types, not too keen on working, and more inclined to buy tat, crystal pyramids and soap-dodger clothes!

Oh and the ex AB of C has added to the stick felt by the current A B of C. Loads of hoo-ha about Rowan Williams' Sharia comments, but made without actually really having a think about what he said. I wonder if my church congregation will be all Daily Mail about it - I hope not. It's not like he called for stonings now, is it?

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Anyone but Billary.

Is John McCain the W.S.C & the 1940 of America in 2008? He seems divisive and unpopular with his political party yet he has captured his public with ease, grace and panache. This is rather like WSC and 1940 when Halifax was favoured but shipped off, ironically to America! WSC got in and was really very good.

I think McCain is fine because he is that rare American; one of humility, experience and intelligence. I would vote for him at a shot over Hillary, or let's face it, Billary, but I would really need to think if it was McCain versus Obama. What a colossal race of bright opportunity versus safe experience that would be! Billary is fucking awful and unclean but McCain or Obama would make for a fascinating run, and one of genuine thought that might launder America in the world. Bring it on.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

48 hours in England

What a right old caper these last days! Much to enjoy, much to ponder, little to regret and all to think about.

Sunday was cool but I did not really rehearse my reading enough for Church and was only 95% decent, a shame as it was a fine reading to do. Our congregation then had lunch together at The Rhubarb to discuss general participation in church. Church picked up the tab and D the V was looking particularly fine, she was on form too and in good fettle. I enjoyed her company muchly, and the company of the fifteen who took part too. Hymns were a bit weird this week, though.

Home after that and ironed for England but then a few pints with the chaps which really went from a regular pint to giving it the Barry - most wobbly on getting home. Work on Monday was a subdued and quiet affair. Took a pool car home on Monday night for store visits (on Tuesday) and left my house keys at work. No access to them so here I am 35 years old and in the last ten days I have put a mobile phone in the washing machine and locked myself out of my own house. Just two examples of skill, reliability and forethought that will help my plan to settle down in fine female company.

So today I woke at Steve's house - he put me up with grace and piss taking, a fine mix. Drove to Clifton to pick up Lara from work and we drove to our store in Devon. I had a productive, intelligent and capable visit and frankly, I was on form! A happy irony that as part of my warehouse work I saw this wagon delivering stock - a FINE company and one that puts me in happy thought of my tremendously great friend Mr Seamus Butler. Many a lark tied to that thread!

Home now and Sunday's postponed roast is on the go. Here I am on my own in my house and happy and free. I will have lived here for four years in four weeks!

Poor old Walshers is on a Guns of The Naverone, Superfly TNT evening with his internet connection failing - he works from home and lost 20 hours' coding tonight! He says B.T are See You Next (Super) Tuesdays.

Thanks also to the two people in New York state who read my Blog last week. VOTE BARACK O!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Good people...

This is a shout out to people who have done small but kind things for me of late, and which I appreciate!

Jack printed out my church reading for me (to be read out in about an hour's time) and posted it through the door. I had neglected to type it out myself at work and asked Jack if he could help me out. I am reading Luke 2: 25-35, including 2:29-32 my fave bit of the whole read.

The pic' for this post is a top smart shot as taken by Jack himself whilst at work. Top crane action!

Also, a thank you to Daphne who lives opposite me. When Steve and I see Daphne we have a childish reaction and shout out 'Dappppppppppppphnoid mind' with happy glee. You really have to be there; it's a Hayward Road thing. Anyhow, Daphne picked up the housing for my wing mirror which somebody had knocked right off my car. I assumed it had been stolen as there was no other damage to the car, and no evidence of broken bits near the car at half six when I went to work on Friday morning. Daphne tucked the mirror housing behind my wall and Steve (Rhubarb landlord) helped me fit it back. I am still puzzled as to how it came off, but good on Daphne for helping me out.

Idle and happy day ahead. I rose early and cleaned my car because it was filthy! Church shortly and a few of us are then off to the Barb for lunch after. May sneak a pint later with the chaps