Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Erin O' Connor signs to BS5.

I wrote to my friend Sue today to ask her if she knew of Erin O'Connor who is in the M&S Adverts (you know, the lighthouse one). I had not heard of her prior to seeing the ad', and then read about her in the weekend press. Sue is a wise woman and knew all about E O'C and seemed surprised I didn't. Anyhow, I said earlier today in a post that I would Google said woman and I have done so, and BLIMEY!

Now my brother's good friend C.A is something of a v. senior luminary at M&S and I must see if he can fix me up a date with EOC. I think it's a fair swap as I wrote to Greg (my bro') to suggest that CA looks towards BA and a punt at their soon to be created role of Chief Operating Officer. I have no doubt at all he could do it.

Erin, what are you doing next Monday evening, old girl? It's cold meat and chips night in BS5 - with piccalilli too!

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