Wednesday, 23 April 2008

He's been to 'Nam, you know,

My good friend (and some say human trafficker) Walshy has been much in my happy consciousness these last two days and all in a good way!

I sent a jolly little email with a link to a special-forces story to him and to Bag on Tuesday; Walshy replied with a casual line that made me laugh out loud for about twenty seconds in the office and chuckle endlessly for the next hour, to the surprise and possible irritation of my colleagues. Concentration for work was totally wasted, the fecker!

He was like the dude in this image but not assassinating, he was instead seeing a bloke in an office from a rooftop over the road and taking him out precision-stylee with a killer comedy bullet! That said Walshy wouldn't be as amateur as to wear fingerless gloves on a mission!

I wasn't the one constantly at the back on the mission!


walsharoo... said...

I wouldn't be wearing anything...

BS5 Blogger said...