Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The world's seventh coolest chap!

I am drinking some Californian wine with dinner as I type and it's great! Isn't California the equivalent of the world's 7th largest economy if one looks at it independently? Anyhow well done The Gallo Family and its Sycamore Canyon Cab' Sav' (from Sainsbury's where foxy women were in the wine aisle tonight).

Had a top day at work and refined my presentation for tomorrow that should give a 40% increase in productivity in a key area of Store Operations. The audience will ask good questions and I am looking forward to that , and their gender bemusement at Star Wars making an appearance in a section on shelf edge labeling!

Best of all though I MSN'd my brother who bought the recently discussed tie for me in HK as he was leaving China after 7 years last month. After 3 weeks in blighty he has now relocated to Manila in the Philippines and I think he has seen the apartment he intends to rent. I feel a visit coming on!

Top larks prior to dinner tonight; my near neighbour Steve came over to download some tunes on line at my house. Whilst he had a look at Sisters of Mercy, 'Independent Worm Saloon' (who??!) and The Melvins I cleaned my shoes and chatted away about GTA-IV, released today.

It's been a rightly strange and happy day!


scargosun said...

You always sound so cheery. I am also jealous of your wine sipping. I am off to my 2nd job for this evening. No wine for me.

BS5 Blogger said...

Good luck - having a sip here and raising a glass your way.

Always cheery because I always try to count my blessings and be thankful for them.

Simple, really...


Amanda Arlene said...

Very charming blog. Thanks for the entertainment, found you from my sister Alaina's blog.

PS. Loved the pink tie/pinstripe suit. Quite dashing!

BS5 Blogger said...

Thank you Amanda Arlene, I am about to have a look at your Blog having enjoyed your sister's outlook too! I am still curious as to why your sis' is just so super powered in the evenings.

Take care