Monday, 14 April 2008


A really grand selection of comments tonight and thanks for International posting from Lummox in the Far East and Greg in Bucks, and Singing Bear somewhere along the M4!

I am just in the house after a de-brief in my local; two of the gang had been away to Wexford for a do on Seamus's patch this weekend just gone - full on foolishness was achieved over the water.

Thanks to my China writer (I think) on her line on my ties post - a picture will follow soon of all of them in their adjacent glory. :)

A delightful early night follows prior to my presentation to store managers and Directors various on the 'morrow.

Suburbia asked me what I spent the 49 remaining pounds on after winning a spaceship in the Rhubarb lottery having placed one pound from my fifty-note on the raffle; posts to follow.

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Suburbia said...

Baited breath here!