Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Don't need one but it was only an Ayrton!

Busy old day today and lots of different plates spinning and all that. I enjoyed a right smart chat with Walshy at lunchtime and new Dad that he is, he sounded knackered - after we spoke I looked up the word Colic which is what had been keeping young Thomas (and his Dad) awake and loud.

Tomorrow is my yea or nae day; I have a 1:1 with my boss to see what the future holds beyond the end of my initial contract (ending this month) . I am hopeful and I have worked hard and have potential so we shall see.

I acquired a USB data stock today - 2 gigs for a tenner which has to be a bargain. I won't get it until the morning because my mate Steve bought it for me from Sainsbury's and I will give him a lift to work the morra. Steve did not share the luck I had last night on the 'chocca with attractive women' count at said Supermarket.

Talking of Gigs, I must give her a call which I will do now.


Suburbia said...

Did you find it in the dictionary? Did it refer to horses of babies?
Nasty in babies....I remember those sleepless evenings. Perhaps you could do your bit and offer to babysit?!

Suburbia said...

sorry, above should read horses OR babies!(not horses of babies)

Suburbia said...

Oh and I forgot to say I'm back!!
(just enjoyed catching up with your week, very funny posts, made me laugh)

Liz said...

I just bought a 2gb stick for £8.21!

Ayrton - senna - tenner - yes, I got there!

Visting from suburbia's blog.