Thursday, 1 May 2008


It's May! Wow this year is speeding along.

This morning I changed my razor for a new one on the whimsical basis of it being the 1st of the month. First shave on a new razor is always dead good! I use a pretty ordinary razor at half six each morning and it's not made me into a racing driver or a super-top athlete with a posse of impossibly endowed women and a yacht! I think that all comes along with the brand of laundry tablets I use; yeah, that'd it be it.

Great to have smooth legs again, though.

KIDDING! That would be a chore.


Suburbia said...

Hee hee you're off to a good start for a new month!

Don't worry that posse of women are just around the corner (and you already have a nice car)!

The laundrey tablets only come with one lovely lady who is most likely to be over obsessed with her whites!

Lovely legs darling!!
And Happy May Day to you, have a great day ;)

Anonymous said...

Hooray Hooray. The First of May!

scargosun said...

It's May Day! If I was in grade school we would be standing outside in the cold weather crowning Mary today. Brrr. Glad to be 35!
You are right though, the whole shaving legs thing is a chore.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello Scargosun,

How was your day today? Nice non Catholic-school morning?

I am glad you are glad you are 35.

I shaved my knee once, and even then only a little bit. Other than that I have no idea of the chore of leg shaving or indeed underarm shaving either, for that matter.

The occasional trim here and there and it's all largely straightforward.

It's a remarkably simple business being a man - the month is emotionally constant and if you have food, a TV and simple instructions plus an occasional bit of attention then life's okay. Throw in a car to clean and some gadgets and life is peachy!

I hope work is going well for you as you see this post.