Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Dire Wire

My friend Bag has a bit of a thing about poor wiring-tidiness in server rooms. He knows a thing or two about this area but not quite so much as Walshy, I think. Anyhow, I had been chatting with Bag this week and told him my server room was a regular D.O.A in terms of wire-tidiness. His is bad too, he says but I think mine is worse. Poor old Bag would need to sit down like an old lady in a flood and take a cup of tea from a friendly fireman if he came to my office and saw this cable related anarchy.

My IT lot would go spare if they knew this was on line but hey-ho, they are the ones who let it slip.


walsharoo... said...

I don't know about bag, but that makes me feel sick.

I love the walkie talkie on the shelves...

Is that it?
Is that it?


BS5 Blogger said...

Yeah - good spot!