Friday, 13 January 2017

Toby dog - a fine hooligan hound.

A sad first post of 2017 to remember Toby, my brother's fine hound. Toby dog was a chocolate brown labrador, never inclined to the obeying rules as a general principle. He was fond of shoes and I don't think he ever chewed a whole pair, just one shoe, left or right of any pair he might have encountered. He was also a bit trigger-happy on trying to eat working hosepipes, lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, car washers and laundry baskets. He was shiny and healthy-looking right from day 1, with a wet, cold nose , a taste for mahoosive sticks and an unending inclination to fool about (and snooze). Greg had Toby for about a year and then Quaddy came along, adopted after his owner, who shared the same walking routes, passed away. Between them, Toby and Quaddy made a happy pair and a happy decade. Poor old Quaddy dog will be forlorn and sad this week as his brother stops being there.

Here is Toby from happy, active days with Greg.