Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Jimmy Carter going smarter.

Up before 6 as usual but then remembered I had no need to make my lunch today as I am joining a lunch party at work to whom I will then present a hour's work. Thus I have time on my hands to blog, always a pleasure but there isn't really a lot going on. I think Gordon Brown might call shortly for advice on his 8.10 interview on Today later in the morning but I am going to leave the phone unanswered - no mood for politics today in BS5 and don't fancy tipping off GB anyhow. Too arrogant!

The man whose house was raided with subsequent controlled explosions over in BS9 (where Suburbia lives) appears in court this morning. Bet they throw the book at him!

Oh, I hear Jimmy Carter is hinting at backing Barack O in his Super Delegate capacity. Smart! Do these American Super Delegates get capes and outfits?

A far less radical tie choice today and off to work later in a more regular combination, but equally attentive to detail.


scargosun said...

Super delagates DO get capes. Jimmy Carter's will have a peanut on it. :)

BS5 Blogger said...

Cool outfit!

Loads of time for Jimmy C, esp' in the Middle East. Catch you later :)