Saturday, 26 April 2008

Blokes can be domestic too!

It's been quite an efficient morning here in BS5 and I am just putting the domestic brakes on as the sun comes out and the much heralded sunny day approaches.

This morning I have:

Been for a run
Had a nice soak in the tub
Changed the bedding
Put two loads of washing on (next week's shirts at 7 and the bedding I took off after that)
Done the groceries at JS (no hint of mental hour)
Fueled up the car (before the inevitable bloody price rise on Monday and again a few days after)
Changed the flowers (bit un-blokey but hey ho)
Cleaned the fridge!

Bacon sarnies for brekker just now and then I will mop the floor. Domestic Marathon at end and I am going to sit on the wall for an hour and read the Saturday paper. Ideal! I have wax in one ear so I have ear drops in today and my balance is a bit more spazzy than usual so I might fall off the wall.

Larks aplenty to come, I suspect.

This is a pic of my newly cleaned fridge and its bloke-living-alone contents. Love it!


Suburbia said...

I hope your landing was a soft one. Great sunny day for wall sitting!
Can you come and clean my fridge for me plase?

BS5 Blogger said...

I would be happy to, but you would need to be able to tolerate total energy and carefree, noisy happiness before mid morning?

No wall falling, and a gentle stroll into town and three (little) pints.

No date Monday, Sub'!; BS4 is in Paris as of tomorrow and is being evasive as to whether it is romance or not, so I suspect it is not. Anyhow, no drink Monday but I hope someone is being delightful to said girl and taking her hand down the Champs Elysees.

Suburbia said...

Yes I could tolerate it! Even more so if you do ovens too!

Damn women you just can't trust 'em to keep a date!

BS5 Blogger said...

Well said- women don't come with instruction manuals!

I have had a remarkably sensible and domesticated day, don't you know? Bed shortly in an entirely clean and laundered house with very, very few tasks left for tomorrow. I think Sunday morning will comprise wake, run, bath, berkker, church, loaf!

Yes I do ovens, though my skill is creation from ovens rather than cleaning.

How went feeding the five-O?

Suburbia said...

I was a good day but am feeling slightly headachey due to alcohol consumption! The loaves and fishies came in handy.
Gosh you cook too, you must have some faults?!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Oh? I am glad the day went well but I am sorry you have a headache.

Of course I cook, I live on my own!

What did you drink?


Always happy, noisy and endlessly energetic in the morning, frequently from half six

A little bit anal about always having a neat, washed up kitchen before bed

Too blunt, too often, which sometimes crashes social graces; often unapologetic about it, and with zeal for the lack of apology at the time. Tend to think 'fuck 'em' ' if I said it with BS5 conviction

And you?

Suburbia said...

You could just microwave everything! However you have commented about your cooking skills before, I know you can cook really and am still awaiting sample dishes!

My faults... just give me a day or to to compose!

As for yours, the first is a Small Sprog trait, the second mine! Husband sometimes mutters about OCD!
Sleep well!

the mother of this lot said...

Hi bs5 - came to say thanks for visiting. I am in awe of your domesticity this morning. Why does the alcohol outweigh the food in your fridge?

Susan said...

I miss the days when my house stayed clean and my fridge had more alcohol than jucie boxes. I will let anyone that cleans be as loud as they want and start as early as they want as long as they clean. Have a Carefree Sunday!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi all - thank you kindly for these last few comments!

Alcohol and my fridge: well you see I shop on a 'how many meals have I got in the trolley, here'? basis. And food wise in the fridge it was loads - three meals and sarnies from the whole chicken, and there was a little steak in there too. A stack of veg in the bit at the bottom that you couldn't see, and some smoked bacon for pepper and bacon omelettes. Loads of meals in short. Therefore the alcohol is in balance, I would say! The bottle of champagne and the two white wines have been in the fridge untouched for about 6 months if I have any takers? I will email them out!

Mother of this lot - how kind of you to look in, thank you.

Susan - carefree Sunday is now in place. I have a sock wash on the go (look out Suburbia's washing machine!). Pairing socks after the wash is the only domestic task I actively dislike. I resent investing energy in it! Still, if that is the worst thing going, i am a lucky man.

Suburbia said...

BS5, have you had your run yet? (What is with all this sudden activity anyway?! are you in training?)
I'm just making first pot of tea for the day and I see you have met some more of my friends!!!

BS5 Blogger said...


Yes I went for a run at about 7.45. I used to run every weekend and attend circuit training twice a week too but since work became busy, CT went by the wayside; I could never make it home in time. The running went too but that was pure idle, hence the recent reinstatement. I just enjoy it. Running makes my legs, lungs and head feel good. Oddly, when I have been running for a month, I tend to loose a little weight - Six Four and 12 and a half stone - too light really but I like it and it has been the same for 19 years with the fluctuation of maybe a pound or three.

Right - just need to iron my last three shirts and then consider brekker!

Yes - I have chatted to more of your friends and they all seem jolly nice.

Suburbia said...

How's yer socks ;)