Thursday, 17 April 2008

Your criteria? FYYFF!

Just back in the house and having a late dinner.

Totally f****d off with Church ridiculousness this evening and briefly considered handing in, but it is not my church I am hacked off with nor any of the people in it so the moment has passed as a moment of churlishness and I think it is proper and right to reconcile it from within rather than from without. My Vicar really is a very good woman, and they don't like women in the Church too much either!

There we are.

Can't add a pic right now either so it's one irritation after another!

Update - Image added!


Suburbia said...



oH i WISH i COULD TOUCH TYPE AND THENi wouldn't have to type everything twice!

Suburbia said...

Oh yes, and you don't have to google the worm song, you'll find it here at Susans place!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello - just that I was approached and asked to join a committee and add my reasonably sharp 'Operations' skills to the general running of our church but then not allowed to be voted on owing to arcane rules that question my commitment.A touch irritating but not the doing of our little gang.

I feel a line to Rowan Williams coming on..

walshy... said...

what a stupid thing to get annoyed about...

You should strap some tea and biscuits to yourself and go take out the BS5 congregation.

walshy... said...

oh, and finish your fucking bathroom...

BS5 Blogger said...

Up yours, and I'll get irritated about whatever irritates me, sunshine!

Bathroom line a bit below the belt - ha ha!

Why have you been so quiet all week, kiddo?

walsharoo... said...

up yours?!

Haha! That wasn't exactly the expected response, but it'll do. I think I might become the hand-grenade poster on your blog.

Busy as double-fuck at the moment kid, I'll call you this week for a catch-up.