Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The 6.00 Snooze

There's a real school of early posters and a whole separate school of late night commentators. I am in the former camp and enjoy blogging before work. One comment suggested my PFTD post might have been a disguise just to tell the world how early I get up but today, I crashed the pips, missed PFTD and woke at 6.00 so yesterday's rant will have to be followed up on 'listen again'. Thanks for all the comments on yesterday's posts.

I am told by several reliable sorts that networking is the key to reciprocation on comments so I will have a little tour.

Presenting my stuff at work today and quite looking forward to jabbering away about this and that in front of a dozen or so people, all of whom will lob in questions. I had a dry run at it last week presenting to my boss first of all 'That'll do for next week!' she said.

Must Google Erin O'Connor today - I think that is the name of the really attractive woman in the M&S lighthouse advert; a campaign much discussed the other day in The Swan with Two Necks.

I have gone sartorially crazy for a Tuesday and worn my super old fashioned (but total favourite) knee length socks! It's usually a Friday thing, you see.


Suburbia said...

Ooooh those socks!! I must send that one back, you must be missing it dreadfully.
I am enjoying morning and evening blogging right now as it is the school hols. Will have to modify my bedtime when we're back to work.

Suburbia said...

Oh yes I forgot, you fickle man, what about poor old Sam P?

Liz said...

I love the music in the lighthouse advert.

BS5 Blogger said...

There's music? Failed to notice that!