Monday, 14 April 2008

Books, ties and fins.

My brother Dave lives in China - well, he used to anyhow but he was deported last week (honestly) because of his writing and its political leanings. Anyhow, this inconvenience not withstanding, he was kind enough to buy me some ties before he left. They are all made of silk and are jolly nice and were (I think) fairly inexpensive. Today I am wearing the blue one that is across the other ones. I asked Clarke if he would take a picture of me wearing it but he said he couldn't handle the buttons with his fins. Fair enough I suppose.

My brother meanwhile is at the London book fair pushing the writings mentioned above. I hope he gets a couple of publishing deals! He is off to Japan soon where his book launches shortly (kinda like me launching to work in the previous post!)

Righty ho, time for breakfast; I have been up an hour and I am now hungry.


Anonymous said...

Dave told me you had a great collection of ties. Any chance of a pic?

Suburbia said...

Nice to see Clark the Shark again.