Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A man writes about chocolate.

I predicted March but made it well into April, with a hint of May before I became hacked off tonight!

This is a bowl I bought at an English Pottery in Stoke on Trent a year or two back. I was on a work tour at the time and the company (Burleigh) were selling to our stores - their first serious store gamble outside London. Anyhow, along I went for a look about - the company has a manufacturing process entirely unchanged since the late Victorian period; the degree of work by hand remains the same and it is very labour intensive. Each piece is unique with seven hand making stages, so I bought this one, plus a milk jug for Gigi.

Since December last year I had been storing a huge tin of Roses loose in the bowl for Christmas and it had taken me this long to whittle them down to the last two dozen chocs. Tonight I was irritated with bloody chocolate still being in my favourite bit of pottery so I scooped up the remaining chocs and hurled them into the bin. Good riddance! I can now put proper stuff into it like wine corks, books of matches or pound coins so I can treat myself to Saturday breakfasts!


Suburbia said...

Choc's in the bin? How could you? Isn't that a sin?!!! And you didn't save any for me.

BS5 Blogger said...

Oh! I feel like a bad blogger now. I wonder if there is a Blog naughty step I can sit on a while?

None saved for a Blog friend either - what a shocker. Sorry!

Liz said...

You threw away chocolate?!!!!!

You still have some left from Christmas?!!!!

Ten Hail Marys.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Liz, same thing happened the year before; bought chocs Mid December - lasted until April. Yep, I threw some away. I shall make electronic amends.