Thursday, 17 April 2008

Barack O

Barack has just been on asking my advice on the top of the ticket bottom of the ticket issue after the next stage of the Delegate race in the US (next week). I told him that he has it all to play for and should let Billary sound out her ideas first as he can then respond which he will do much more competently than old Billary and with more media interest and panache.

On behalf of Suburbia I asked Mr O' if he talks to worms. He told me he hadn't done a lot of gardening of late but he had talked to a horse and asked for its vote in Delaware recently.

Barack also said he thought Erin O'Connor would be daft to turn down a date but he took me to task a bit because he thinks I am a touch fickle about his foxy friend Sam Power.

He's an astute guy.


Suburbia said...

I love a laugh first thing in the morning, thanks!

Suburbia said...

Cadbury eh?! Well a great day out, I may take you up on it some time! Kiss all those fulffy bunnies for me won't you?!!(yuck!)
Susan commented on mine about the worm song, do you know it?

Liz said...

Good grief, you write almost as much as I. Do.

Now about this Erin obsession. Her face looks a bit narrow. I'm thinking she might be a bit mean. These models aren't all as nice as Twiggy.

Suburbia, don't you have any free female friends who could take themselves round the garden centres.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi you two!

Are we happy calling the Erin thing an obsession? Hmm! :-)

Actually I think it's Twiggy who looks a bit of prima donna. I reckon old Erin (actually 6 years younger than me and 30) is a sensible thing.

Suburbia, no rabbits kissed today but I did have a chat with George a talkative macaw who resides at work.

I'll ask Barack if he knows Erin and maybe we can have a post about her again tomorrow.

Suburbia said...

Pushmepullyous my arse!!!!