Monday, 28 April 2008

Saturday crasher

A top, happy day at work and I really enjoyed it! I was on the shop floor as I am a couple of times a day and got button holed by a customer. This happened last week and I sold a 99 pound patio table. Today I sold an Acer tree. I did not know what an Acer tree was and 'fessed up so, but I was honest with my customer and the tree in question was 450 pounds and was RTCd in the clearance bay and was on at 225 but not marked up (Reduced To Clear, by the way). This was a bit steep but I used some discretion to hack the price a little bit and Bingo it sold! Didn't sell straight away but the customer came back later and went for it. He said. 'Young man you have a tie on, you must be a proper manager, could you help me?' Not sure what to make of that but liking 'young man' in these 2 weeks before I hit 36. Anyway, he seemed very pleased and shook me warmly by the hand as he left.

Other news: Apparently Kris Marshall the pictured actor who was good in 'Love Actually' and is cool in the BT ads (with his very foxy screen wife) was in Bristol on Saturday on St Augustine's Parade (also pictured). Poor Kris Marshall got hit by a car at 1am and suffered serious head injuries. The driver stopped at least and was not lashed up. Anyhow, Mr Marshall is bad but not critical. He seems a decent fellow and everyone who talked about it in the office hoped he'd be okay. As do I. I was at the same spot on Saturday at about 6 getting a bus home from a couple of beers in town! The picture showing the parade is me pratting about on my bike a year or two back.

I love Monday nights and I suspect another post might follow shortly.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Kris. Hope he's OK. Yes, his BT wife is great, isn't she? What's her name? I keep thinking I've seen her in other stuff but not sure what.

St. Augustine's Parade has always been hazardous.

Suburbia said...

I like the characters he plays. Love Actualy is one of my fav films! Hope he will be OK.

What is soooo particularly good about Monday nights?!

How could you not know an acer tree when you see one??!(no more hints about your birthday needed!)

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello - you are funny! Acer tree indeed.

I think Kris' TV/BT wife was in series 1 of spooks as a civilian that the hero falls in love with (Tom was the chap).

Love Actually a top film!

Birthday hints? Heck - it's there when it's there - not really hinting just bemoaning the loss of my early thirties as 36 will definitely be closer to 40 than 30 - eek.

Monday nights? I don't know - just quiet and in the house to be filled with this and that.

BS5 Blogger said...

Sorry - that last comment was to you both but I wrote it without mentioning either Singing Bear or Suburbia by name.