Friday, 24 May 2013

Bristol bum.

Today I had an uncomfortable four hours in the hospital. I had a hefty-feeling camera up my arse, around my colon, and through several bits of my insides. I also had two enemas and one brother looking after me. One self-enema at 06.15 and another from a terrific nurse later on. It wasn't a great day for dignity and self esteem. I saw my insides on camera, I was prostrate and semi naked on a ward, it hurt and I've been John Wayning it all afternoon. All the women who cared for me told me to be grateful I won't ever give birth. I listened to them for that.

Did I mind?

No: I work hard, I pay taxes, I love my darling other half with a depth I didn't know I ever had. I drink beer and have fun.

I arrived at the hospital and I had 110% excellent care from start to finish. They knew my name, they made me feel welcome, they sorted me out unflinchingly. They didn't charge me. This all happened 24 hours after a soldier was killed in Woolwich, his killers were taken in the street (good), a plane had to return to Heathrow with a broken engine , and another plane inbound from Pakistan was escorted, diverted and monitored by the RAF carrying live missiles over populated areas.

Is there really that much to complain about day to day? No there isn't.

I prefer to be thankful for things rather than remonstrate about things.

Yes, I have the minor indignity of all now knowing I had my arse out at the hospital, but that's a very small cost indeed for a day much appreciated.

I'm home, safe, well and very grateful.

Monday, 20 May 2013

It was due...

BS5, working from home on a quiet Monday morning.

10.40 and I'm into last week's Store sales.

WHACK! Another speeding car, belting down the road between two lines of residents' cars with hardly a gap.

The noise is so loud and really quite frightening. I look up the second after impact to see cars 4,5,6 and 7 shunt into each other, the energy fully dissipated at last.

My neighbour has had this three times with her cars now, and mine was whacked two years back.

Three lads got out ....and ran.

Seven cars damaged, two likely beyond repair. The street now has police, a fire brigade and plenty of onlookers.


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Special Forces Friday...

So here I am, free to upload a recent mission with partial de-classification .

Jump the train, in off the roof and into the carriage to take out the target (that bit *is* classified though).

Another day, another operation.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Google search

Here's the next one of an occasional series: 'recent random Google searches'....

Fruit juice, special forces and GTA larks!