Saturday, 19 April 2008

Soap on Saturday

I am getting my barnet done today and it's been aaaaaaaaages and I look a shambles, so I will have it nice and short this morning. My hairdresser of choice is on Church Road BS5 and it's a good energetic place with banter and larks and not many women (alas). I like it but it's not The Dirty Bird Shop as mentioned a post or two back! I may indulge myself in breakfast afterwards before going to Sainsbury's. Must time it right so as not to hit Mental hour at JS when all the dawdlers and eejits descend to fight over dwindling stocks of groceries and Availability issues.

Bristol play Stoke later and I will have a gander at that. I have an interest in both teams having lived in Stoke for three years (doing my degree) but come on Bristol! I don't subscribe to Red or Blue in Bristol - happy for them both to do well.

I am just running a bath and very, very reservedly using a new bar of soap that the Gift buyer gave me from work. She is a really kind, thoughtful (attractive) woman and thought I might like it (she said she wasn't implying I was unclean). Anyhow, I am a man and I don't really take lengthy decisions about a soap of choice. This one (pictured) is well beyond the usual level of indulgence. It looks pretty classy though! I Googled it. Five Quid!

I love Saturdays! Lie in and larks - ideal.


Suburbia said...

I hope by now you are sweet smelling and dashingly handsome with your new 'style'!!!
Have a great day
We're off for some culture to Dyrham House near Bath. Loads of art and flowers to cheer me up on a grim (weather wise) day.
Anyway we're homeless at the moment due to the explosion.Thought stately home might do as a safe house for now!

BS5 Blogger said...

Cor!! Blog on the subject!