Saturday, 31 October 2009

It's here!

Weeeeeyhey! I just checked the App Store and Classic Doom for iPhone
was uploaded last night. 78 meg of legendary distraction unleashed!

Downloading my £3.99's worth now!

Friday, 30 October 2009

Bus Drama? Bus Trauma!

My friend Dandelion has sent me a picture that is right on the money for the cutting edge mix of Blog BS5.

The post title is her own work too.

What we have here is top Bus trauma from Warwickshire, and not Liverpool as you might think given the lack of wheels on the bus (The Wheeeeels on the bus go round and round, round and round....)

Clearly this was a bus in trouble, caught in a crisis during its working day and unable to get back to the depot for a good night's sleep. It is Bus No. 13, unlucky for some.
Thank you, Dandelion.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

All go for a Thursday!

What a roller coaster day at Blog BS5!

I got up early and frighteningly-excitedly to inspect some chicken stock I made last night. This is a new creative avenue for me and I am quite pleased with it. It is now ready and frozen for a culinary venture to come! I made goat stock some weeks back and it became the basis of a cracking little stew.

Next I nipped into Bristol to pick up a new landline handset for a neighbour of 85; I subsequently set it up for him. Top escalator action thrown in en route.

Also, and between a good day WFH, I squeezed out a late fifties MPG drive in VX52!

And next on the agenda is 'The Restaurant' with Raymond Blanc and Zeee Challlllonj; a show in its third year, an early feature of my Blog back in the day, and a total favourite!

All of this is top smart but dwindled in comparison to my know who you are!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Oh, so nearly close!

It is tantalisingly, nearly, tangibly close!

The game that undermined my degree ('91-'94) is almost ready for the Iphone (apparently) .

If I didn't have an Iphone now, I would buy it solely for this. Feck the fact that an Iphone can text, make calls, take pics and go on line; it can nearly play Classic Doom!

Come on!

Platform wit.

Another day on the train ! Off into Devon today. Stood on the platform
at Bristol, a witty fellow shouted out Green Arrrrrmy! every time
Plymouth was mentioned by the Announcer. If you have seen the current
TV ad' for car insurance you might get the reference!

Blogging from a fast countryside Pendolino.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Fast to BS5.

Afternoon travel is a civilised thing!

Good connections and fast trains into London and a seat out of
Paddington too! This time last week I missed connections and seriously
lacked seating.

A productive morning at HQ but heading out of London for BS5 imminently.

Top train action :-)

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A Warrior's bin...

Top new bin action at BS5 senior HQ!

This little fella is new at Ma and Pa's house and they sent me a
picture knowing I'd appreciate it!

Total blog drama.

Skinny latte frappé lunacy.

I have a little time today so I am pausing at Paddington for a (non
ridiculous) coffee and the free wifi.

Can't see the trains from here but hey ho!

Six months in.

I have my six month review today so I am on a train into London
engaged in some background prep for it.

Rather interestingly and spoddily, I am, via my iPhone, picking up US
Airways free wifi on my Paddington train and pretty nippy it is too!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Apps (as they say).

I have downloaded an 'app' for my Iphone which means you can talk to it in order to start a Google search.
You simply press the button and say 'spoons', or 'bucket' or 'Godalming', or indeed whatever you are after. I suppose it is handy if you are out an about in a city and don't want to stand about typing. It's rather good!

I haven't managed the Holy Grail yet - Classic Doom for Iphone but apparently it is in production!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Retro BS5!

Cool! The Rhubarb has gone video game retro!

Frogger, space invaders and Galaxian!

Oh dear.

Friday elevation.

I am 'WFH' today and when I am doing that I am pretty disciplined and get on with it.

But all that said my gaffer is a decent bloke and he knows and I know that being at home invites the practicalities of having to do house stuff and work stuff too, so when I do WFH I am not shy about popping out to do the chores. It works well this way as neither part takes the piss.

Anyhow, out to The Sweet Mart today, a fine, fast and very family orientated supermarket in Easton (still BS5). I needed loose tomatoes, chillies, coriander, dill and BIG onions in order to make a curry on Saturday. The Sweet Mart is a vibrant, colourful store and it would make sense to add a pic' to the post, but check this crane action on the way home, and near a smart railway bridge too!

Curry at mine tomorrow if you are free (with great naan bread and a glass of plonk)


I am Two!

Blog BS5 reached the great age of two just yesterday.

What a lot of good things have taken place in two years and nearly 900 posts.

It's been a crazy roller-coaster ride of buses, bin lorries, trains, Bodie and Doyle, cooking, Upstairs Downstairs and the rather welcome Chicken of 2009.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

I see him!

Big drama here at Blog BS5!

Today is October 15th and I have stoked up the fire for the first time
since March :-)

Prometheus lives.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cattle train home.

Here's a blog post from the train home.

Wobbly pic because I am standing.

Tonight I'm on a heaving train out of Paddington headed back to BS5.

The mood is polite enough but there was one bloke on the station.
who was a bit of a cock!

I don't really mind standing as it will probably thin out after Reading.

At least I am homeward bound!

Monday, 12 October 2009

A fine new bag.

Before my Dad retired from working he spent about a decade pootling
all over the world, teaching folks about journalism and news
management, typically in countries that had recently emerged into
democracy. He did work in Africa, India, China, Russia, Central
America and, oh all over the place.

Anyhow, he had a very natty travel bag to supplement a larger case. I
have been using the bag in my new role which involves lots of travel,
although none of it beyond the UK.

My Pa has asked if he could have his bag back for a holiday soon with
my Ma, and of course I am only too happy to do this because he was
kind enough to lend it to me. What I did not expect was my Ma and Pa
to then replace the loan bag with a new one, and pass the newer one
to me as a gift. I was happily bowled over but I would gladly have
kept the older one and given the new one to Pa but he and Ma would not
have it.

Here it is. It's a little cracker and I am very happy. Bag and I have
our first jaunt tomorrow into London and on out through the other side
to my head office.

Here's thanks to my kind and thoughtful folks!

Friday, 9 October 2009


More stick action on a walk here at HR9!

Greg and I had a great walk along the river Wye yesterday afternoon
and several sticks were involved.

Get in!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Some work!

I am still on holiday!

Today I woke and waited until a decent hour (neighbours off to work)
and then put in a right old vigorous 90 minutes on weeding and
scraping. Here's the result! At the weekend I m on bagging and binning

Garden sorted right in time for October!

Bathroom remains full of potential for decorating progress but hey,
one vast task at a time, eh?

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Holiday snaps.

At home, week off and currently watching The X Files.

Love it!

This must constitute profitable use of time off?

I did have a load of stuff out of the loft and at the tip before half
eight so I think I have earned a bit of sofa time.

Note the dinosaur to the left of the tv; might lark about with that too.

Monday, 5 October 2009


I saw this at the museum today too. Good stuff if you know, like or
even dislike Exodus. The big man shows Moses (and the Ears are
alights) the way out of Egypt with a column of fire to illuminate the

Not in fact Close Encounters of the Third Kind as BS9 thought it might
have been depicting!

BS5 at the museum!

I have started my week off with a spot of culture at the museum in
Bristol. Load of old pots and plates and paintings....and bits of

Check this tall chap out; I'm six feet five and smaller than his leg!


It's half past ten on Monday morning here at BS5 and I'm just out of
bed, four hours later than usual.


I have four lieu days earned and have taken one day's holiday leave.
It's a free week off!

Ideal. Expect an increase in foolish blog posts.

Friday, 2 October 2009

BS5 in SW1

Friday night and I'm at the QEII conference centre opposite
Westminster Abbey. I am on set up detail for the firm's agm this
weekend. This is the view!

Pint later for sure....

London stalling....

Here I am near Reading, train fans!

We have stopped on our way to London owing to the train ahead having
broken down (a flat tyre, maybe?)

I am off to London for the AGM of my firm near Westminster tonight and
tomorrow. After that I have a week off. Get in!

Sitting here chillin' for now, happy and content.