Saturday, 26 April 2008

Explainer tag

My friend Suburbia tagged me with this on her fine Blog, so I am going to have a go

Here we go..

3 Things I Can't Explain To My Mum

1 Pretty much anything to do with emailing
2 Cruise control on VX52 and the operation thereof, or the fact that the handbrake on a Mercedes is operated by the foot, just to the left of the 'stop' pedal
3 Retailers sometimes have availability issues. Deal with it, woman! (Didn't say that bit)

Now here's my little spin, Suburbia - 3 Things I was amazed that I could explain to my Mum!

1 That John Digweed and Satoshie Tomi make brilliant, dirty house music!
2 That no matter how often she tells me I don't need to bother, I feel compelled to ask her if she minds I take my jacket off if we are all sat down having dinner. It's not going to stop and she knows this now
3 That I really fancy their next door neighbour, Sally who is a married forty something. Of course my mother told Sally immediately so it's dead awkward when I visit now!

The pic is my Ma who would shoot me if she knew it was on line, but she doesn't read this Blog.

Right, off for a run now.


Suburbia said...

There seems to be a 'married woman' theme running here!

Do you really talk to your mum like that?!

BS5 Blogger said...

Like how? 'Deal with it woman'? No, certainly not - that would elicit a thick ear and would be disrespectful anyhow.

Too true on the married women front! Easier to talk to because one knows they are married so you relax and chat as yourself, y'know?

Must break the habit! It starts as of today and I will blog progress.

:) Off to J.S soon to avoid mental hour - need any groceries?

Suburbia said...

Yes please I'm feeding the 5thousand today!Friends with 4 children coming over for walks and food. Not sure I'm quite ready for the invasion, but we usually have a great time. Enjoy your shopping experience.

BS5 Blogger said...

It was mega efficient! I will Post a line about it shortly and the day thus far, too.

Sainsbury's doing a special on loaves and fishes, so one to consider for your five thousand!

Have a patient and rewarding Saturday if you can.

D'ang said...

'The pic is my Ma who would shoot me if she knew it was on line, but she doesn't read this Blog.

...unless, of course, your elder brother were to mention it....

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey bro', top to hear you - but there's the risk!

You need to send me a pic of a boooo'as in the street and I will Post it.