Monday, 31 May 2010

Bank holiday bin lorry bonus!

This is some county. Back home at BS5 a bank holiday really messes up
bin day schedules and everything is confusingly delayed by 24 hours,
but not here at my folks' house. It's still seven something in the
morning and here we are with a clean, exciting and orderly collection.

Filmed and blogged for your delight, look out for the door opening
action as the rubbish goes in.

Massive drama!

Sunday, 30 May 2010


I'm at my folks' house this weekend and I've found a really smart
circuit to run each morning; I ran it yesterday and then my inner spod
took over and I drove it to measure it, some 1.95 miles, I think.

Have to start somewhere you see.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Are we expecting a call?

Here's a great picture my parents took in Cumbria prior to crossing
over to Ireland with friends this month.

Inquisitive moo-cows waiting on the result of the 3.30 at Aintree.

Two weeks

In two weeks I am helping to take these chaps to my parents' house
where they will have a week's holiday while my brother (their owner)
and Sam have their holiday too :-)

They will goon about as much as they possibly can. They are both
hooligans (and the hounds).

Nearly 100 now

Yesterday VX52 notched up 95000 miles and luckily I was there to
capture the moment. Top spod action!

Now at an average of 45mpg that's ...... a scary amount of fuel. 2000

Friday, 28 May 2010

Da da daaa!

Bodie and Doyle with my Friday lunch. Get in!

Purest green!

I am excited about my new running gear to which I have treated myself

I've been after a new bright running top for ages but it will come as
no shock that I haven't got there before today.

New top, new shorts, same trainers, same gangly runner inside it all.


The other week I was passing through London and had a spare half hour
between Paddington and my next connection so I spent some time
checking stuff out at St Pancras where the rather smart Eurostar lives.

Check this out for culture!

How wonderfully it expresses love. The yellow of the casing, the
little wheels, the extendable handle....

You know you can count on full artistic commentary here at Blog BS5 .

A quick test to see if phone blogging works


Update: Hurrah - mobile blogging restored! (This is Sandy station in Bedfordshire, btw) .

One thousand and running..

I am just going to press on into my thousandth post and leave significant posts for significant events as they occur, rather than be pressed by the occasion of 1000.

I went for a run again today and I had really forgotten how much I enjoy it since I last ran regularly in January . It's a head clearer and a refreshing way to start the day . I am also enjoying 'the plank' again , post run! (That's where you get horizontal and balance on toes and forearms and remain flat for 30 seconds , or in my case as long as it takes the kettle to boil) . I hope to keep this running up and retain my stick insect gangliness into the summer .

Not much drama other than that here in BS5 this sunny Friday morning.

Bank holiday weekend to come (in fantastic company too) !

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Idle, me?

Now it is well known that 'idle' is my delfault position when any other practicality is not close to hand.

Indeed it is a month today since I blogged, my longest gap ever in 999 posts and 31 months.

This is down to the aforementioned idle, but also dued to the fact that I can no longer send video to my blog from my Iphone - it just doesn't work.

So what does post 999 and an absent month bring here at BS5? Well here's a list of recent stuff:

  • Loads of Train action at Paddington (pictured) , St Pancras, Birmingham New St, and trains to London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Dorset and Devon.

  • Another year clocked up and now I am thirty feckin' eight!

  • A new pasta machine in my possession (thank you BS7)

  • Loads of sunshine

  • A charity Ball at HMS Drake in Plymouth (loads of fun)

  • Seeing my good friend Walshy at the above event

  • Going on a walk to hear Nightingales (the birders are getting to me at work!)

  • Becoming a Facebook tart

  • Increasing excitement at The World Cup

  • Making Pizza right from scratch

Post 1000 follows soon with a suitable BS5 moment! You know it's going to be a train vid'...