Monday, 21 April 2008

Can't sleep.

It's 3.18 in the morning and I couldn't sleep so I listened to the World Service a bit and have now decided to get up for an hour and then go back to bed what with it being a school day and all that. Suburbia was on the money - got up too early and was too excited first thing!

Had a great Sunday altogether. After the rock 'n roll start with ironing and Upstairs Downstairs I went (reluctantly) to Church. I am glad I went along because it was rather nice in the end despite irritations mid-week. Our congregation had a special Sunday lunch today prior to the Church's AGM but I did not attend because I was too excited about visiting the Swan with Two Necks and having general larks with the chaps. Shallow? Well, a little bit maybe. Anyhow I did my usual bit of assisting with teas and coffees and washing up and I had a nice chat to the bright young girls who attend each week, one of whom told me about her rabbit and her visit to the Garden Centre where I work.

An hour or so after Church we arrived at the pub and I horsed down a few girls' knees (it was on form) and sang a little bit too. The chaps had a mad day on Cider and for as long as I live in this great city, I can't imagine becoming a loopy-juice convert - it's a drink that makes you go mental.

Singing in the pub is different to singing in Church, and we never gustily sing Rawhide or Dean Martin tunes in the latter.

The pic for this post is yours truly in conversation with Molly the pub dog.

A pleasant end to the day with a bit of cooking and an early night, and hey-ho it's Monday. In a few short hours I am back to work and writing up a brief on changing all the shelf edge labeling in our stores. Monday fun.


walshsy... said...

I can't sleep either...although I do have an 8 week son.


BS5 Blogger said...

Dude! :)

Suburbia said...

Hi Yes I was up early too and couldn't sleep! I was disterbed while reading you so didn't get time to comment all ove r will do later!

Suburbia said...

Here I am, alone and ready for a bit od leasurly reading!
It sounds like you did your bit at church and earnt your pub visit. It's funny how things you're not looking forward to can turn out better than you expect (church not the pub!)
Back to work for me today after the hols. No wonder I couldn't sleep.
What sort of cider was it? I like the dry still stuff which was probably once home to a rat.

Suburbia said...

Forgot to say....Not rawhide AND Dean...? I buried husbands Dean Martin CD in the garden once!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi! Bit tired now though, Suburbia.

Thatcher's gold was the cider.

How was first day back?

Suburbia said...

Not Thatchers gold!! You need ratters bottom, try that and see if your sox stay on!
First day back was crap thanks.