Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Dance, dance , dance to the Radio!

Astute readers might recognise the Joy Division track that references this post...

Total Cats and Dogs on the way home from work and an absolute deluge right across the city tonight.

VX52 ploughed diligently through it all, uncomplaining and hard working in his steadfast Mercedes way. I really like my car very much and am appreciative of him in adverse conditions. Huge rain is fun in the light but not in the dark. Drove home before sunset so it was a lark in the rain, singing (really badly, but on my own so hey-ho) to Joy Division as I scooted through the centre at about 6.

On the way home I called in at J.S for some groceries and I think I either had two heads or two women in my adjacent queues at the checkout liked the pink tie; the tie has earned its keep today and seemed to go a storm! I usually wear it with a three piece suit but relaxed a little today into J and T only. Anyhow, it might just feature again, even though Walshy emailed a personal 'very dapper' to work but posted 'Gaylord' on BS5! Ha ha - my guaranteed hand grenade every reliable, dependable time! Cheers, kidder! Keeps any hint of vanity in check and rightly so.

Great American posts on said tie - what a lark this blogging business is becoming. Thank you the US of A. Just vote Barack and you'll be grand!

Now then, earlier today I bemoaned fuel prices; this on the day the UK's two hefty fuel firms posted results for the first three months of 2008. Between them they made 7bn PROFIT! Feck! That's 77 million profit a day, or 3.2m pounds' profit an hour. For three months. That's insane and almost as much as my brother's friend CA pulls in (I exaggerate)! All this money and yet at a station tonight diesel was 124.9 a litre. Mind you this fuel station in particular has a little know Idiot-Magnet that draws in retards because it's a touch cheaper elsewhere in the city, yet the place always has a queue. Must be other people paying for their fuel. My new pal Scargosun says Americans are now paying $3.76 a gallon because she filled up last night; Hey S', our equivalnt is about $8.84 for an American gallon at an average price tonight. And profits here of $6.4m an hour, MAD!

Right, it's 9pm and dinner is ready.


scargosun said...

We had that deluge last night (probably not the same one but you get me) when I was driving waaaaaay out to the edges of the suburbs to drop some flowers off for Dad on his B-Day at the cemetary. Drive that would have taken me 30 minutes took me over an hour. Ga! Instead of making dinner we ordered in.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Scargosun,

Nice touch to see your Dad - hope you had a nice talk with him in your head and remembered lovely things.

Frame that check -it would be such a nice remembrance!

Deluge indeed, here and there!

Take care and chat soon