Monday, 28 April 2008

Keenly to work

A top weekend has come to a close and I really enjoyed resuming my running; my legs are pleasantly achy this morning. Next weekend sees a 21st do, and as yet untold larks as well.

I am quite looking forward to my work today. Is that abnormal? I have lots of interesting and useful things to do and it will be satisfying to wrap them all up and then present them at various meetings later in the week. I want to get on with it and see it through.

My friend Suburbia seems to have Blog issues this morning as I can only load half of her interesting Sunday post and no more than that! I hope it comes back.

Update - it has come back and just popped in now after 20 mins.


Suburbia said...

I wonder why that happened? Can you let me know if it persists, I would hate it if it was like Liz's blog which takes ages to load.

Due to 'complex'weekend I am cleaning today!! At last I have my Mondays back.

In my previous life (pre kids) I loved my job too, every day was different and I was my own boss (boohoo!) Hope your week is as good as you expect :)

Suburbia said...

Did you imagine a Mohican?!!!

Suburbia said...

Oh, another random thought...maybe my blog won't load properly because I have a 'bug'?
(so were you joking? I can never tell!)
I must go... I'm becoming such a sado with this addiction!! Bye.........

BS5 Blogger said...

Hello Suburbia! The page only loaded half the Sunday post but when I clicked the title of the post again it all unfolded. I will have a look shortly and let you know if it remains so.

I didn't imagine a mohican, just hair that was shorter than long, like Francine Stock has hers (which is rather fine)

You aren't a sado with your addiction; I can't look at my blog at work but I can look at google mail which alerts me to comments and tells me who has said what! I look two or three times in the day!

Just putting a chicken in the oven and a post follows! Love Monday nights!

Suburbia said...

I have just cooked chicken too!!
Glad I'm not alone in sado land! Also glad you noticed my little label! I was Bobo's idea! The labels are supposed to sort your posts so that if you want to refer back to them they will be easy to find. An organised persons dream really. However I may look organised on the outside but inside I'm buzzing!!!
Bobo has devised a new use which I like much better. He uses them as a sub text. His are usually to do with what he gets up to with his partner(!) or such like. I have borrowed his idea (but not the plot!)and I'm not going to give it back!
Haven't had time to read all your posts yet. About to put SS to bed. Catch up later

Suburbia said...

You have ignored my label comment, did I ramble?

BS5 Blogger said...

Not at all - just trying to work it out, read bobo, and then became caught up in the excitement of an American visitor (thank you, Suburbia!) Also running a bath, pouring a glass of wine and reading Scargosun.

My chicken wants to say hello to yours, unless S, H, TG and SS ate him? Mine remains in the fridge cooling, ready to eat during the week.

I enjoy all that you write and you never ramble. It is funny when you veer towards a rant and catch yourself at it! I think I have my head round labels - can't quite figure the point though!

Suburbia said...

The point is irony or fun or wickedness or just stupidity!

Didn't mean to nag by the way!

BS5 Blogger said...

Didn't see it as a nag! :)

Goodnight and sleep well in your busy house!

Suburbia said...

PS My chickens rarely speak once cooked. You must check you're cooking it enough you don't want food poisoning!!;)

BS5 Blogger said...

Oh, okay! Will do - 125 mins at 220 degrees and it was silent when it came out other than sizzling a bit.