Monday, 17 October 2016

London Larks!

This weekend Jemma and I were kindly gifted the use of a fabulous London flat in Greycoat Street, Westminster, SW1. The street is very central indeed but also surprisingly quiet. We made the absolute most of our proximity to so much interest and exploration and notched up 16 miles on foot across Saturday and Sunday! Here is a brief recap of our adventures.

Saturday - all the way up The Shard, which was the one firm plan of the weekend, and the lark around which we based the whole adventure.  The Shard was spectacular and the lift hoofed up to floor 68 in two spurts - I did the same at The Jin Mao in Shanghai in 2001 and this was just as quick.
After The Shard, it was over to The O2 ad a hop across the Thames via The Emirates Airline - slower, lower but still massively spoddy. From there we took the DLR to Bank and then a long, idle walk along the South Bank, back to Westminster Bridge and a big old circuit back to Greycoat Street. Between the bridge and Westminster Abbey we looked in on WSC too.

Saturday night saw my first experience of Teppen Yaki at Matsuri, St James - a first for me and a spectacle of theatre, sharp knives, hot  grills , fast ingredients and lobster & steak!  We were in bed by ten pm with 11 miles covered on foot.

Sunday was a little more touristy; Buckingham Palace, Oxford St and John Lewis ahead of a train out of Paddington  - a delightful weekend in delightful company with a ton of fun things achieved. I am grateful.