Wednesday, 16 April 2008

School of the past

I had a very odd dream. On becoming 36, 5 of us from school had to meet up back at school and re-take a couple of our GCSE's, thus I met again with Reggie, Radders, Steve and Neil and we all went for a very civilised cup of tea afterwards. That was the most unlikely bit!

Back in the real world, my presentation went well yesterday and plenty of recommendations were waved through with useful additions from the room.

5.47 as I write and PFTD remains in its multicultural guise. Oh well.


Suburbia said...

Which one in the pic is you?
Is your birthday tell! Or have I missed it?

BS5 Blogger said...

Ha ha! Tall and gangly so it has to be Plug! You did not miss my birthday - May 12th is when it falls. And you?

Suburbia said...

20th June. Gemini if you're into all that!
How was your day?

BS5 Blogger said...

It was great, thank you! Used my brain all the way :)

You and Queen Victoria to the Throne (1837) sharing June 20th, I think?

Suburbia said...

And what does that say about me?!!
I love the shape of that building too, by the way