Tuesday, 15 April 2008

All good fun via Suburbia!

I've been tagged by SUBURBIA. I think this is called a meme and this is the first one I've ever done (ditto for her) so here goes:

The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.

Each player answers the questions about themselves.

The player then tags 5 people, goes to each of their Blogs and leaves them a comment telling them they've been tagged and asking them to read their Blog.

Q. What were you doing 10 years ago?

A. Wondering what it would be like to be as old as 26! Working as the Deputy Manager of Burton Menswear in Cheltenham and looking around for a head office role which I would get 6 months later. Relishing nights with a day off to follow when I would high tail it to Oxford and get sloshed with my brother at Uni', attempting lame chat up lines with a bright young woman called Venetia (who I did kiss actually). Living with two great fellas in a flat on Landsdowne Road, Chelts, and larking about as much as poss'. Getting my barnet done in a place we called 'The Dirty Bird Shop' because the fabulous blondes therein always, always talked about sex.

Q. Name 5 snacks you enjoy:

A. Cold curry with brown bread and a mug of coffee for brekker. Double Decker. Twiglets. That's it, I'm a bloke!

Q. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

A. For me: Buy a used S-Class Merc' (billionaire maybe but not stupid enough to pay M-B list price), pay off Greg's mortgage and Walshy's and a few others too, and buy a flat for Wavey. Buy an I-Phone, finish the bathroom, build a new Cathedral in a city that didn't have one and fund a few hundred apprenticeships to see it through. Buy a house in Inistigoe, London and Paris. For the world: clean water in Africa/India, broadband and laptops for schools in the same places.

Q. Five jobs that I have had:

A. Barman, Tomato picker, Butcher's Saturday boy, Customer Service Manager for WHSmith stores, Fast-Jet Pilot. One of those is made up (Clue: round, red, you can buy 'em in Sainsbury's).

Q. Three bad habits:

A. Talking too affectionately to my car, lapses in keeping in touch with University friends, school night beers! Adding two more because I was light on snacks: Getting FAR too excited at 35 about early nights and a great kip, not being more bold when talking to bright, intelligent women who might be single (crap at sussing that too!)

Q. Five places I have lived:

A. London, wonderful, flat Lincolnshire, Monmouth, Stoke on Trent, BRISTOL (WE LOVES IT, MIND)

Q. Five people I want to know more about:

A. No shame here! Sam Power, Erin O'Connor, the deputy manager of the restaurant at work, my Mum & Dad when they were 30 - it would be cool to walk into a bar as I am now and when they 30 and have a beer with them, without them knowing I was their son. And last but totally first, Gigi!

The 5 people I tagged:
Working on that one!

21.23: Update - tagged Ham and Singing Bear!


Suburbia said...

I'm sooooo glad I sent this to you. I thought you might not want to play. You wrote it all so well. (enough admiration now)
I left Chelt. 13 years ago, where you there then?

BS5 Blogger said...

Hey Sub! Of course I wanted to play; I really enjoyed it hugely! I left Chelts in April 1999. Not quite 13 years.

You already sent meme to most of the blogs I read so I will try Ham and Singing Bear.

What fun! Thanks for your line on long socks between BS5 and your good self.

Pal of mine from Lancashire wrote to me today saying he smiled at the names for your children. He reads my blog, he read yours , he like TG and SS.

Suburbia said...

No offence meant round at Hams place!

Glad you're sending readers my way too.

Hope your presentation thing went well (accustomed as you are to public speaking!)