Friday, 25 April 2008

Sniff sniff, shower.

My friend Suburbia asked me what I thought about cloned dogs, created for sniffing in Korea. Sub' asked me what I thought of it from a perspective of mine which is certainly present but not necessarily prevalent in my thoughts. Anyway, I have no issue with it for a dog, I think, and I like that Suburbia associates this way of thinking with me (longer post on all of that to follow soon).

As most Koreans probably eat dogs I think it is a good thing that they are doing something else with them. Maybe they can teach them to head North and eat and kill Kim Jong Il - he's a complete effing lunatic!

There is a whole, amusing thread on showers which I don't quite have the nerve to venture into tonight.

Maybe top Blogger-Cymru Liz will go first! Come on Liz!

Thanks for the Q' sub - as ever your thoughts and posts are a hoot.


Suburbia said...

Never thought of myself as a chocolate covered Lab!! The chocolate bit is good though.

You've never thought of me in the shower then??!! (No I didn't really say that! )
You flirt though. And it's OK because Liz doesn't read any blogs!

BS5 Blogger said...

You are a funny bugger!

I thought about you on the Bus post-tulips, with wine in the house, and shouting at the router - not in the shower, though. Well not until about fifteen seconds ago!

Eek, the cheek of Friday larks!