Sunday, 13 April 2008

Bristol Five-O

I am a lucky chap and have a fifty pound note in my wallet today.

There's something pretty smart about a fifty in your wallet. Five tens is kinda' dull, a couple of twenties and a ten is good if they are the new sort of twenties, and 10 fivers never ever happens because cashies don't give the little buggers out now.

So, a clean crisp fifty makes one feel richer than fifty pounds' wealth. Also, it's always cool to see whomever you hand said fifty over to checking you out in case you just printed it yourself, or looking at you like you are a smug so and so!

How does a fifty feel in a purse, women of the Blog-o-sphere? Is it a similar experience?

I am off to break my note in The Swan with Two Necks.



Suburbia said...

Never had a fifty. No one has ever trusted me with that much all at once!!!!In the past I have stuffed the odd note into my jeans pocket and then sort of lost it! I have to admit I use a card for everything and consiquently usually only have about BS50p in small change about my person!
By the way I have an award for you back at my place. Hanging around somewhere Wednesdayish. Not sure if you approve but it would brighten up your side bar!!!

Anonymous said...

Fifty quid note! Can't recall having one. Spend wisely (or rashly, whichever you prefer).

Liz said...

I wouldn't know; I've never had one. Or a £50 note to continue a theme.

Suburbia said...

No Thursday last (the award) Sorry. By the way that Liz is a one isn't she!!!!!