Sunday, 6 April 2008

Slim Pickings indeed

The Grand National ran its course yesterday with a TV Audience of 600m worldwide including me in The Rhubarb. I had Slim Pickings in a sweepstake and he came fourth, once place away from any winnings. My brother Dave had a complex bet on the race and won eight pounds but I am not sure quite how. Gigi said her horse was still running the race about half an hour later. Oh dear. The race over I had one more pint and came home to have another go at Jambalaya at which I am now adept, though it follows no strict recipe.

Today's pic' is the little village where my folks live in Herefordshire. I took this image on my phone whilst on a dog walk with my other brother mid-week. It's a bit dark because rain was approaching from the Malvern hills

A quarter to seven on Sunday as I write (back in BS5) and there is a tiny little bit of snow on the cars outside. The house is in good order with a bit of Radio 4 action and a pleasant day ahead, I hope.

I think my friend and prolific poster Suburbia is away in Cornwall with her brood for the weekend so I hope it's not too arctic down there.


Suburbia said...

Nice photo for a camers! I love Herefordshire, it's so unspoilt.
Sub zero on the beach but great fun.

Suburbia said...

Nice photo for a phone I meant. You can tell I've been away a while, my typing finger is out of practice!