Sunday, 13 April 2008


Well now, church was just fine and I got back to BS5 in time having dropped my dear bro' to a train for London.

I did my reading and that was fine. After that I helped make the tea that we all drink afterwards; this is a task I thoroughly enjoy with a chat to the senior folks in the congregation and just general camaraderie. However, today was a watershed; one of the congregation who is a bit mental and mad as a bucket of frogs was next to me having taken her tea and she announced in a broad Bristol tongue, and to one and all: "I's a bit worried about me fanny mind, as I 'aven't 'ad me bath today". 99% of the time I am reasonably quick on responses but I was totally speechless and could only look down and pour out two more cups of tea despite there being no queue.

I am not too sure what her problem might have been but luckily the other women pitched in and steered the conversation back to safety.


Suburbia said...

Laughing again!!!

Suburbia said...

Actually I can't wait until I'm that age, saying what you like in full knowledge that you can get away with it, light the fuse and retire!

Liz said...

They're a bit like that in Bristol though aren't they? Lily up the downs was anyway.

Glad the reading went well.